Seventeen, Single, and Crying About Infertility

Let me start off by saying I feel pathetic for a number of reasons being upset about the above. I feel like the toddler everyone avoids because of the incessant, “It’s not fair!” and whining about things that simply cannot be changed. Not only have I been certain about adoption and fostering since the age... Continue Reading →

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The Struggles of Being an Old Soul

The world is uncompassionate and cruel and I am tired of it. I am tired of dealing with self centered pricks that think just because I am younger than them, they are somehow above me in the sense of worth, comprehension, and/or feeling. It makes me physically ill to be listening to or attempting to... Continue Reading →

Am I Really Worth it?

For as long as I can think back, I have struggled with my worth. Since I was but a wee babe, my parents have always drilled in the ultimate truth of “Your worth only comes from God, everything else is binary.” However, from the perspective of a self-conscious middle schooler, when the rest of the... Continue Reading →

The Contradictions of Growing up

 I am sick and tired of all the inaccurate presumptions about a person just because they may be 5, 10, heck, 15+ years younger than someone! I am exhausted by the relentless, unspoken expectations to somehow prove my worth in a conversation and prove I have what it takes to run with the ‘big dogs’.... Continue Reading →

Satisfaction (Pt.1)

There once was an unimaginably troubled, young girl. Her name was Satisfaction. This charismatic spirit loved to serve, beyond anything else. To make people happy was her end game and gave her more joy than any riches ever could. So, seeking to follow what felt good and right she found Everyone. Everyone was a discontent... Continue Reading →

Adamant Amongst the Ages

The year this story took place was 2014, in Houston, Texas. One fine afternoon my family and I had spent time frequenting the sandy beach and waters, enjoying a mini-vacation, we got to experience all of this with my father- whom was called to that city on behalf of work. Yes, it was quite the... Continue Reading →

What if

We have all asked “What if-”. What if I had more confidence? What if I didn’t say such a stupid thing? What if I did that anyway? What if they hadn’t left? What if I just had a little more time? I am the queen of “What if-”s. Whether I am fretting over how something... Continue Reading →

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