I do Not Deal With Loss Well

Isn't it intriguing how one moment in your life you can have people safely in your arms, nothing but mutual admiration of each other's simple existence, and the next they are as far away as they could possibly be? How frail human companionship is, and quite frankly, a bit indolent. We spend our hours connecting,... Continue Reading →

I Miss You, Dear Friend

Where hath thou gone in such bittersweet times? You swore your loyalty to me, pledged to never leave. Assured, time and time again, your dedication to me and only me. How foolish was I- your willing vessel- to act as your accomplice in all your reckless crimes? To trust your sweet words, promising me nothing... Continue Reading →

Confessions From Bittered Nostalgia

I hear - more often than not - people referring to their childhood as “The good ol’ days.” In fact, many go as far as to say they wish they could return to the uncomplicated times of their youth. Go back to the ages of simplicity, free of all responsibility and obligations that lay in... Continue Reading →

My Skin

White. We picture angels, purity, a better place, cleanliness. Black. We associate darkness, immorality, infection, grime. For a color that has such benign attributes, I find no favor whatsoever. The color I speak of, the color of my skin, fills me with a deep-seated abhorrence, I have no control over the quarrels of. I find... Continue Reading →

I am a Sucker For Sentiment

I cannot express to you the amount of times I have heard the promise, “I’m here for you.” from individuals I no longer have even the slightest of communication with. It’s almost as if there was a worldwide newsletter that I, somehow, missed. We treat the words we speak so lightly, yet, are they not... Continue Reading →

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