For A World That Is Enveloped In Technology

Screens, screens, screens, oh… and more screens. This world has become mindlessly obsessed with technology. We are all guilty of this. Whether your poison of choice is video games, television, media, or, even, educational purposes, every, single, one of us has raised up an artificial being higher than we should. Many of us have even gone as far to actively choose this manufactured item over our real lives, over our families, over the moments that will actually matter and remain with us, the rest of our days. Why is that? Why do we choose something that is so temporary, over the people that will be with us close to forever? It is not logical, biblical, moral, or right in any way, yet… we still do it. We still put our loved ones second, beneath the oh-so-righteous, holy spirit of electronics. This is not how we should be, though. This is not the way we were intended to be. We are, honestly, settling compared to what we could achieve, with the right steps. It’s just a matter of breaking our unhealthy, habitual nature and building a new, and thriving, one. 
How do we accomplish this, you may wonder? How do we break habit and begin a pathway to something significantly greater than what a piece of metal and wires could ever have to offer? I must warn you, the task ahead is not simple so prepare yourself for, what feels like, a lot of sacrifice, in the beginning. Prepare yourself for failure because you will fall short. The key is to not let that singular failure determine what will become of your remaining future on this earth. Lastly, prepare yourself for ultimate victory. The steps I am about to go into detail regarding are very much attainable and if you convince yourself that you will succeed, I guarantee improvement.
Let me set the ‘ground rules’, the lay of the land, if you may. In order to reap the fruits of our labor, we must first set our minds in the correct perspective. We must reteach ourselves right from wrong, fact from fiction. This allows us to begin to realize the appropriate reactions and decisions regarding electronics. We must, truly, comprehend the fact that the games, the entertainment, even the literature, it is all fabricated, not real. Although there are beneficial resources, a screen is still screen. While, that screen may be an excellent means for school work, entertainment, or relaxing, there is a time and place for everything and we have to accept those places and times should not overlap with actual moments in our lives, unless absolutely unavoidable. Of course, complete extinction would be impractical and a bit extreme, but in order to move on from bondage, we do need to see that electronics are not real and even though certain events or periods in time may seem small, those are the most memorable and the ones you are going to want to revisit.
Now that we have our brains locked and loaded, let us move on to the next step, taking time off. Mindsets can often be the easiest part, in circumstances like these. While we can understand when something should be changed or fixed, frequently we make the choice to ignore our better judgement and continue along our road of misconduct, anyways. Actions, actions are the difficult part of this journey. Making that actual movement towards bettering our relationships and strengthening ourselves as people. We must, now, choose over eletronics to take a step back. To spend some time away from our tech and reflect on the lives we live, our decisions. Whether that is through meditation, cleaning, prayer, cooking, writing, conversing, etc., alternate activity is vital to a healthy mind. It clears the misconception we have formed within ourselves that the web is the only way we can gain entertainment and enjoyment. In fact, the ventures we choose aside from the given, result in more pleasure over all and on the occasions we decide to unwind with the internet. Choosing to, simply, spend a couple hours away from any screens, can be more beneficial than some would think. It could save you.
Lastly- and possibly one of the most commonly challenged steps- is the necessary action of staying in the times you live in. I, personally, see this more than I would like to admit. Although teenagers are often stereotyped, justifiably, as the tech obsessed generation, they are not the only ones I see this in. I see it in college-aged couples, texting away during- what I can only presume to be- a date. I see it in itty bitty children before, during, and after events, because their parents don’t want to deal with the screams that will erupt if the device is taken away from their pre-developed, but completely addicted, minds. I see it in grandparents, settling their entire family in front of the television due to their lack of comfort in relatability. I, even, see it in parents- regardless of the fact that is where a majority of the complaints respecting electronic absorption are coming from- immediately pulling their phones out during lunches out and sit-down dinners at home. I see it all the time and in every age. I am not exempt from this. I would not classify myself as technology crazed but I do admit I spend more time staring at a tiny box than I would like to. Lucky you, there is a solution for all of the things stated above. Be present. During those, seemingly, meaningless dinners, set your phone aside, relish in the discomfort and lack of speech, study the details of your date as if it is the last time you may see them, allow your children to weep over their ‘lost’ idols. It is okay to have less than perfect moments and walk through embarrassment. Those make for the most flawless occasions. 
 For the sake of your children, your spouse, your partner, your parents, your friends, grandparents, cousins, the whole lot, please detach yourselves. Please separate yourself from the typical. Our world has become so focused on what is happening digitally, we, all too regularly, neglect the people that really matter. We mistreat the people that are actually there. How is that fair to either of the parties- ourselves or the people around us? When we choose to constantly indulge in simulated ways of life over our own, we are going beyond just telling the ones you love you would rather hang out with someone else. Fundamentally, you are telling them they matter so little you would prefer to spend your days in fantasy than with them. This is not an overstatement if you continually make the came choices. Actions have consequences and, whether we like it or not, we have to accept our own.
“We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them.” 

― Sean Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide

How do you feel about this world’s cascade into technology? How do you feel about actions and consequences? Do you believe many older generations are just as addicted to electronics as the teenage population? Tell me below! Feel free to,also, leave any posting suggestions if you want to hear about anything in particular. Until next time!


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