What if

We have all asked “What if-”. What if I had more confidence? What if I didn’t say such a stupid thing? What if I did that anyway? What if they hadn’t left? What if I just had a little more time? I am the queen of “What if-”s. Whether I am fretting over how something... Continue Reading →

Inspire, Not Terrify

Metal doors swung open with a distinctly loud clashing noise, as they fell behind eleven year old me. I clung to my mother’s hand, heart beating out of my chest for what was waiting. Until this point, I had never experienced such nerves as these. Today was the first day of sixth grade and I... Continue Reading →

Mayhem Produces Beauty

As I sit on this old, ragged and springy rocking chair, I struggle to decide what I should write. You should know by now I am quite the perfectionist and writing does not always come easily to me when I am constantly scrutinizing the work I present. I will say again, I have no clue... Continue Reading →

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