A Detailed Look Into How I Approach God

Oh yes, I went there. I am going to be sharing with you, three ways I draw near to Christ. If you are not one for religion, this may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but let me tell you, enlightenment is found in the most unexpected places. Pardon any confusion on this one. Honestly, I have yet to determine the direction of this article. I do not regularly have an opportunity to talk about my faith to an audience, and thus am a tad unfamiliar with the way in which I should commence this topic. I think I will start with this; God and I have a weird relationship. It is weird to me, however. I have never exactly been a perfect image of Christ. Actually, quite the opposite, in my opinion. Basically, I am not a ‘Bible-thumper’. Never have been and, certainly, never will be. I love the Lord with all my heart but know, all too well, how much pressure it can become if you are not surrounded by the right people. How difficult having faith, especially in the darkness, is. I know that people are turned away from God, too frequently, because of others’ disgraceful opinions being interwoven into the fabric that is Christianity. These being true, I have come across three top ways I typically go to the Lord in prayer.
Like most folks, I have to admit, one of my most common approaches to God often lands on the agonizing side of the spectrum. One of my favorite things about praying is the fact that God will never judge, never disappoint, and never abandon me in my time of need. He is 100% present whenever I want to gush about the pains of the world. When I am hurting, I am hurting. Per usual Daisy, I frequently do things in extremes and praying holds no exception. I know that Christ will not forsake me, no matter how compromising the circumstances. So, even when I want to shut God out, I always am sure to speak how I feel with God. No lies, no pretending, and no holding back. Christ says to come as you are, so I do just that. Broken, angry, confused, distressed, it does not matter, I come raw. Not, necessarily in expectation to receive something or be instantly purified of my struggles, but indeed bloodstained and gory. I do not do this always in pleasure, I do this because it is what the Lord desires. I have no other legitimate options, and I know that God is the only one that could possibly heal me.
The second, and also an extremely recurring approach, is in admiration- in other words, thanks. Even in my darkest of prayers, it has always seemed ungrateful to me to cry this long and drawn out saga, then just hang up and go. I would never express to a person I care about an issue that was hurting me- that they were committing- without being sure to include that I am doing so, in fact, because I love them. I am voicing my distress, not just to be careless and rude. Despite all of the trials I have faced, I know that I have a lot to be thankful for. I know that even in the darkest of nights, if I do not force myself to believe there still is light there will not be any. So, I trust just that. I trust that the Lord will prevail, even if that takes longer than I wish. Even if that means I will fall flat on my face, 99 times, before I succeed only once. This is not to say, I rely only on hope of things to come. I have experienced more love, more grace, more kindness, generosity, gifts, blessings, signs of His love than even I have been able to identify. Even when I am blinding myself, refusing to see good, He has shown His adoration for me, for my family, and for humanity. For that, I have to be thankful. How could I not be?
While, I am sure to always speak my mind, I also am sure I am humble before the Lord. I do not forget who the man was that put me on this earth. I am not perfect, I have no doubt in my mind that I have had numerous prideful, stubborn, ungracious, self-seeking moments. But, in the end, I am always humbled, even if it takes a sign and a half, with much moping and groaning to get there. Even when I am furious, I have never been able to put myself above God. I have never been able to justify disrespecting the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The temporary anger or frustration I feel over a situation is nothing compared to the amount of good poured into my life. I make the choice to not allow my anger to blind my better judgement, when it comes to faith. In my mind, humility amid Christ and angst should not overlap. God deserves my complete and willing devotion to Him, even when that dedication is challenging.
As I mentioned, in the beginning, my relationship with God is weird. It is not weird because I make mistakes or struggle with commitment to Him, at times. It is weird because the unexpected always prevails. His mercy frees me of my shortcomings. Even in my corruption, even though I allow sin to rot my core- at times- His blood continues to cover it all. He sustains a forgiving and loving relationship with me, even when I fail, over and over and over again. It is weird because I can feel that love. The sin, the wrongdoing is uncountable. Yet, He forgives without pause, without any hesitation, doubt, or second guesses. How many of you can say you are the same way? How many of you can say that if your husband or wife came to you and said they had an affair, you would feel the exact same towards them, you would let go of any hard-feelings or bitterness, instantaneously? If your son or daughter was caught, red-handed, in an act of violence, would any of you consider your trust with them to be injured, in any way? How weird is it that a God, that I have never seen in person, can overwhelm me with His mercy and absolute love? By far, the weirdest relationship I have ever experienced. It also is, doubtlessly, the most incredibly powerful, in every aspect.

How do YOU approach God? Do you struggle with communicating with Him? If you don’t believe in God, who do YOU go to for your absolute support and love? Please tell me anything you have to say below! Sorry it’s kinda late in the week, but hey, consistency is overrated… Right??

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