Inspire, Not Terrify

Metal doors swung open with a distinctly loud clashing noise, as they fell behind eleven year old me. I clung to my mother’s hand, heart beating out of my chest for what was waiting. Until this point, I had never experienced such nerves as these. Today was the first day of sixth grade and I... Continue Reading →

Mayhem Produces Beauty

As I sit on this old, ragged and springy rocking chair, I struggle to decide what I should write. You should know by now I am quite the perfectionist and writing does not always come easily to me when I am constantly scrutinizing the work I present. I will say again, I have no clue... Continue Reading →

A Freak Like Me

We all have our “guilty pleasures”, do we not? For some, it might be food related; I’ve heard of pickles and peanut butter, pizza with apple sauce, or salt on watermelon (This may be a personal bias, but if you could visualize me now, I am shivering in disgust. Yes, I have tried it. Yes,... Continue Reading →

My Beloved Childhood Friend

Memories are odd aren’t they? You can remember things so vividly at one point but the next, they are nowhere to be found. We can recall bragging of our impeccable memory and claiming we will never not be as sharp as we were. How could we? How could we go from retaining every minute piece... Continue Reading →

For A World That Is Enveloped In Technology

Screens, screens, screens, oh... and more screens. This world has become mindlessly obsessed with technology. We are all guilty of this. Whether your poison of choice is video games, television, media, or, even, educational purposes, every, single, one of us has raised up an artificial being higher than we should. Many of us have even... Continue Reading →

Do Not Think, “Weak.”

I am no stranger to this word. Many years flew by in which this word was drilled into my mind mercilessly. “Weak, weak, weak”, they whispered so confidently, to my ever listening ears. I had prided myself on standing for the truth, but I did not realize such deception could sound so sweet. They wooed... Continue Reading →

I do Not Deal With Loss Well

Isn't it intriguing how one moment in your life you can have people safely in your arms, nothing but mutual admiration of each other's simple existence, and the next they are as far away as they could possibly be? How frail human companionship is, and quite frankly, a bit indolent. We spend our hours connecting,... Continue Reading →

I Miss You, Dear Friend

Where hath thou gone in such bittersweet times? You swore your loyalty to me, pledged to never leave. Assured, time and time again, your dedication to me and only me. How foolish was I- your willing vessel- to act as your accomplice in all your reckless crimes? To trust your sweet words, promising me nothing... Continue Reading →

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